How We Teach is the Message

Michelle Rinehart

Michelle Rinehart learns, serves, and teaches as a Secondary Mathematics Consultant in West Texas. Her work focuses on procuring and providing leadership and learning opportunities for mathematics educators throughout her area.Michelle Rinehart

Michelle speaks nationally about topics in mathematics and computer science education, with a particular focus on conceptual understanding in secondary mathematics and building teacher leaders.

Born and raised in rural Ontario, Canada, Michelle studied mathematics, physics, and education before moving to Texas. Michelle has taught high school math and science at rural districts, while also working as a math and science consultant throughout the state.

Michelle is a Regional Instructor with TI’s Teachers Teaching with Technology program and was a 2013 finalist for TCEA’s Classroom Teacher of the Year award for outstanding service to the advancement of technology in education.

Michelle currently serves as the Project Director for two professional development grant programs in West Texas — one for mathematics teachers and one for computer science teachers.

In all things, Michelle is wondering “How can I best be present here?”, “What is my next step?”, and “What will move the learning forward?”.


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