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That’s One Way to Tell a Story!

For the past two days I’ve been participating in the Flipped Classroom Conference via webinar. It has been an amazing professional development experience! I am hoping to blog more about these trainings tomorrow.

In the meantime, I was eager to try out some of the many Web2.0 tools that have been mentioned throughout this conference.

Here’s a video I made using “Google Search Stories”.

It’s a remarkably easy process that yields a remarkably different product. You really have to think about the words you use and how the searches you enter can tell a story. (Sounds easy, right? I encourage you to try it for yourself!)

I am learning more and more about the importance (and feasibility!) of having our students be producers of the web, instead of just consumers of it. I think this easy but effective tool could be a great way to have students tell a story in a nontraditional format.

In what other ways could this tool be used?

Michelle Rinehart

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