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Why Blog?

It is time to jump right in…! I am ready to take my professional development to the next level and I believe blogging will help me get there. Why? What value does blogging as an educator bring to me, my classroom, and my students? Here are my thoughts…

To Reflect

During my teacher training at Queen’s University, I was introduced to the power of reflective practice, mostly under the direction of an excellent Physics Education professor, Mr. Tom Russell. Then, I hit the ground running in my first year of teaching and (what do you know?) “time” for reflection went out the window. I still read a lot in the field of education, but I rarely purposefully and deliberately reflect on it — especially in writing. I think this is a vital missing piece. Through this blog I can reflect on my learning from various books, blogs, etc., as well as my hands-on learning in my own classes, which will help me better understand and implement the concepts I am learning and thinking about.

To Prioritize

Teaching five different classes, working to stay on top of current technology, research, and ideas, reevaluating how I do things in my classes and how to do them better — it is easy to get overwhelmed by ideas alone in this profession! Crafting blog posts will help me prioritize my classroom goals and projects — to lend extra time and energy to those tasks that are particularly worth it.

To Collaborate

Sharing ideas, best practices, resources, successes and failures — what’s not to love? Blogging (both writing my own blog and commenting on those of colleagues) will open the door for me to interact with many great educators from across the nation. How perfect! I LOVE attending professional development sessions with top-notch educators — blogging and online PLC’s will afford me this interaction on a daily basis…!

To Celebrate

One of the best parts of teaching are those wonderful “epiphany” moments when learning happens on a deep level — a student makes a connection, masters a difficult concept, comes up with a great way to represent an idea. I would love to share these moments with people beyond my classroom — and learn from other teachers and students who are celebrating their successes, as well.

Also, being a teacher is just plain FUN and can produce moments that are just plain funny! (Like the time I was modeling how a knee joint works and the femur slipped out of my hand, ricocheted onto my face and busted my lip open…Oops!) You just can’t take yourself too seriously — there is power in “celebrating” these funny moments, too!

To Refine

My goal is improvement. Period. I want to always be a better teacher so that I can always provide better and better learning for my students. By “putting myself out there” by sharing my classroom practice, I open myself up to suggestions, ridicule (maybe?), and…growth! Well, that is my goal! Many great educators are willing to share their ideas, suggestions, and comments with other educators — I would love to tap into this to improve my practice and my students’ learning experiences.

To Model

As a teacher of upper grades students, I am constantly pushing my students to metacognition and “thinking about their thinking”. Well, hello, conviction — I know that I should be doing the same! This blog will formalize that metacognition, by providing a physical place to think about my thinking and hear from others, as well.

Which brings us to my goal. My goal is to post two blog posts a week, while also commenting on at least two blogs a week. I have had this goal floating around in my mind for a while, but I felt like I really needed to put some purpose behind it first. So, here is that purpose.

What are your thoughts? Why do you blog as an educator?

Michelle Rinehart

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